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The biggest risk in life is not taking one.





Mindforce One

Have you ever felt you got stuck and the same dialogue kept looping in your mind? Don’t worry, we all have.

Empowering and muscling up the “power of thought” is your most important and valuable tool when dealing with an ever changing uncertain environment.

At times it becomes necessary to re-focus and re-evaluate. Finding out “what am I not seeing” and “what else can be true” opens the mind, expand awareness and help you navigate uncharted waters.

With my background leading large teams in a multi-national, multi-cultural environment, both under normal conditions and during crisis / emergency scenarios, I know I have what it takes to make a difference in your life.



Don’t loose momentum. Don’t let disruptive thoughts run on a hamster wheel in your head and waste what you can achieve. Being able to see things from different angles opens up new possibilities and creates new opportunities. Find out what you are not seeing at this moment and what else can be true. A Coach knows what to do in order to create flow in your thought process. Coaching is a craftsmanship that creates results! 



Balanserat Ledarskap – Balanced Leadership (Podcast in Swedish only)

A podcast from when all was "normal" back in the days pre-COVID19, together with awesome Anna and Mikael where we discussed a balanced leadership. Unfortunately only in Swedish. En podcast från när allt var "normalt" före COVID19. Kan två olika ledarskapsstilar, den...

Coaching, what it is and what it’s not.

My first Blogpost – numero uno, where I try to explain what coaching is for me. And also some thoughts on Social media and the Pandemic.

Ground Control to Major Tom….

SpacEx rocket Crew Dragon's second stage towed in to NASA's port in Cape Canaveral. Pretty awesome to be able to watch this on a close distance.

 My journey in the Cruise Industry

In 2002, I embarked on a now 2-decade journey working within the cruise industry, an interesting combo of Hospitality and Shipping. While the shipping part focuses on safety, health, efficient technical operation and emergency management, the hospitality part is about operating a hotel, running several restaurants and a large entertainment scene. It also encompasses many back of the house operations also as HR, financial, laundry, waste management etc. When I joined Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, I spent some years in Officer positions before being promoted to Captain. This was a valuable time spent to learn all the aspects of the operation. I have been trusted to hold command on several cruise ships and in 2017, I was appointed to be the Captain of Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.

The hospitality part of the operation is truly fascinating  and I have had the privilege to work with many extraordinary professionals over the years I spent in this environment.

As the world experienced tremendous challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in general,the cruise industry took one of the biggest punches, forced to shut down all operations completely and repatriate hundreds of thousands crew members to their home countries, while developing new and safe protocols to be prepared for a restart when or if the virus eventually would be controlled.

 A coaching mindset became more than ever necessary and relevant. Asking “what am I not seeing right now and what else can be true?” has been much needed to find a way to operate that is safe, appealing, profitable and sustainable.

 My focus

Blog? Newsletter? Podcast? Insta?

Lot’s of thoughts, ideas, opinions need an outlet. It is in the works, but not fully ready yet. Once ready, you will find what will be the solution announced on FB, Insta and LinkedIn. Stay tuned. My Instagram can be found @ “thecoachcaptain”.


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The light in the tunnel is sunshine.

‘Bo Goeran Peterson is an amazing Coach that really provide prerequisites for you and your team to grow. Intelligent conversations are blended with exciting practices that creates long lasting results. Bo Goeran Peterson’s background makes him the perfect coach especially for the  “Hospitality Business”.

Mikael Vilkas

Senior Partner and Founder, Sumo Business Development