Balanserat Ledarskap – Balanced Leadership (Podcast in Swedish only)

Balanserat Ledarskap – Balanced Leadership (Podcast in Swedish only)

A podcast from when all was “normal” back in the days pre-COVID19, together with awesome Anna and Mikael where we discussed a balanced leadership. Unfortunately only in Swedish.

En podcast från när allt var “normalt” före COVID19. Kan två olika ledarskapsstilar, den direkta och den coachande, leva i symbios med varandra? Måste man välja det ena eller det andra? Balansen skapar essensen. Min första podcast som gäst hos Vilkas Podderier, tillsammans med härliga Anna och Mikael. Du hittar den på ditt val av poddspelare. Sök på Vilkas Podderier avsnitt 14

Coaching, what it is and what it’s not.

Coaching, what it is and what it’s not.

Coaching is a way, by using a number of techniques that assist the thought process to guide to different perspectives on a situation, a relationship or a problem that helps you broaden your view on what can be possible. The magic questions, “what am I not seeing right now?” and “What else can be true?” opens your mind to discover new territory. A coach is not better or more skilled than you in what you are doing. That’s not her role. A coach just sees your situation from a different angle and can, with the right questions, make you discover those angles too. This is what makes the difference. We tend to get stuck in one way of seeing the world and the more we dwell and re-think on that subject, we simply make those mind trails deeper and harder to get out of. That’s when a Coach can make the difference.

Coaching is not giving someone directions, offering advises or telling what to do. That is called Mentoring in some cases. Most of the time, unless you have explicitly asked for an opinion or advise, you are not receptive to someone else’s ideas of how to solve a certain situation. You want to make your own conclusion. Coaching and mentoring are sometimes offered together, but when this is the case, it is important to draw a clear boundary between the two to not lose value of the coaching.

Just wanted to hint you about an awesome newsletter from Time Dorks written by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, the creators of Design Sprint. The newsletter comes out weekly. Check it out; here is a recent extract:


Attention plays a far greater role than many of us realize. Your experience of life, is not determined by what happens. No. Instead: “Your life consists of what you focus on.”

Pay attention to speculation and panic on Twitter, and you’ll live in a world of uncertainty and doubt.

Pay attention to stories of grief and struggle in the news, and you’ll live in a world of sadness and fear.

Pay attention to volatility and loss in the stock market, and you’ll live in a world of scarcity and decline.

I don’t recommend shutting out these stories—it’s not wise to live in a world of ignorance and denial, either.

But you may want to reconsider the constant exposure from breaking news alerts and infinite updates at your fingertips. You may want to add some friction to your personal news habits.

COVID-19 has changed the world and induced uncertainty to all of us. The Cruise Industry and the Hospitality Industry has taken a massive hit. Lots of businesses are suffering and many have been forced out already. Protecting the people from the virus and protecting the economy is not an easy task. Uncertain situations and environment has potential to bring out the worst in people, but also the best. In the end, the best will win. I haven’t been engaged in Social Media very much in my life, but when I started my master studies at Gothia Akademi, I had to join Facebook as all communication and sharing was made there. For a long time, I had no “friends” outside of the school environment, but when COVID-19 became our reality, something happened. All of a sudden I was approached by crewmembers I have worked with during my career as Captain. I made over 800 connections on Facebook and 500 on LinkedIn in just a few weeks and I have been in daily contact with so many friends via Messenger and other platforms that wanted to share their anxiety, frustration and uncertainty as well as gratitude. I have spent hours every day keeping in touch with friends that are onboard, on their way to repatriation or already at home, answering questions or just listening. Social media changes lives creates connections and just truly fantastic. I wish I had discovered the good benefits much earlier.

I am very happy you found my blog and I welcome your questions and feedback by mail to goran@coachcaptain.net.

Ground Control to Major Tom….

Ground Control to Major Tom….

SpacEx rocket Crew Dragon’s second stage towed in to NASA’s port in Cape Canaveral. Pretty awesome to be able to watch this on a close distance.