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“Captain Goeran”

My name is Bo Goeran Peterson and I have a Master Unlimited License that allows me to Command the largest size of any ship built.

I am also a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by ICF and a Certified NLP Trainer, accredited by INLPTA.

Yes, the Ocean is my passion, but more so, the amazing people working in this special environment. A ship is a living organism, a macro cosmos, self supported most of the time, an independent unit with its own ecosystem and governing. It is a fascinating world with fantastic people from many nations onboard united as one crew.

To serve as the Captain is an honor and an immense responsibility that is hard to put words on. My first command as a Captain started 1996. In 2017 I was appointed to be the Captain of Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.

In the late 90’s, I worked in Corporate Executive positions for a couple of years and I developed a passion for coaching.  I began studying Sports Psychology 2001 to learn powerful tools that could be handy to know and use as a leader. In 2016, I took it a step further and enrolled to the Master program for Coaching, Change Management and Neuro Linguistic Programming at Gothia Akademi in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I want to share the experience and knowledge I have collected over the years in communication and leadership in the Hospitality sector for others to build on further.

As the Captain onboard a cruise ship, you are overall responsible for the operation onboard including not only the navigational / safety and technical aspects, but also the entire hospitality operation. A large cruise ship like Oasis of the Seas, is a floating hotel with 2800 staterooms and 1200 crew cabins with a large food and beverage operation, running 16 restaurants and 12 galleys catering for nearly 9000 people 24/7. It is also an entertainment arena that is setting up Broadway quality shows, High diving shows, Ice skating shows, entertainment in 14 bars and pubs around the ship and arranging various activities for guests. Of course there are also HR, Financial operations, a number of shops onboard, a Medical facility with fully equipped ER and many more things that makes the ship a self sufficient unit traveling the world ensuring 9000 persons in total safely enjoy their time onboard as guests and crew.

With almost 2300 crew-members in your team, you realize very soon that Coaching is an integral part of, and a valuable and versatile leadership tool essential to run the business.

My knowledge and experience can help you on your journey as a leader to know what works and what to avoid.

// Goeran

Bo Goeran Peterson


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