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Experience and Intuition

Experience can be defined as:

  • the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you
  • skill or knowledge that you get by doing something
  • the length of time that you have spent doing something
  • the totality of characteristics, both past and present, that make up the particular quality of a person, place, or people
  • the events that make up the conscious past
  • the conscious events that make up an individual life
  • something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through

Experience is what lay the ground for intuition, also called “gut feeling” The bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell wrote a great book back in 2005, called Blink – the power of thinking without thinking on the subject. Experiences are stored mostly in the unconscious part of our brain, and are automatically reviewed when there is a need. In today’s world, when most information and facts can be googled, experience cannot. It is just something you have to live.

Our experiences can serve us and hamper us. “Bad” experiences can prevent you from pursuing something, which sometimes is a good thing but not always. Fortunately, there are ways to re-program our unconscious mind to reach our full potential. As a Coach, I know powerful tools that can help you and your team change perspective, collapse anchors that don’t serve you or anchor a state that does.

Short steps. Long vision.

The largest cruise ship in the world

Key factors for growth and success

Set Powerful Goals

We see the world filtered through the lens of our experiences and the beliefs we have developed. Your mindset is the powerful force that guide and direct the outcome of your actions. When you define goals that aligns with your beliefs, every cell in your body works to ensure the goal you’ve set will be reached. Break down the long vision in short steps. Always forward, always up is more important than speed.

Choose your State

We do this all the time without being aware of it happening. In situations we experience, anchors are created automatically . They help us cope with the world and makes us prepared for situations we have experienced before so we can respond in a way that serves us and protect us. An example of an anchored state is in case you have experienced a fire that became dangerous and you had to escape to safety. All the sensory elements of the fire you were exposed to became triggers. Just a hint of a sense of smoke will make you remember the whole episode and you will recollect the way you felt and the sensed emergency. Your pulse will likely increase, your mind will become clear and your priorities will likely shift to handle a similar situation that you had once you had the first experience. You are ready to take the actions needed to keep you safe. This is how the brain is wired since millions of years back.

But anchors can also be intentionally created to serve a specific purpose. An anchor is the association between a trigger and a state. The anchor connects an inner response to an external stimulus. The fundamental reason for that anchoring works is that all experiences are stored in the brain as a wholeness. When you recall a single part of the entirety, it will revive the other parts of the wholeness. Anchors can be shaped in any of the senses.

Model Success

Modeling comes from the idea that success leaves clues. Modeling is also known as the strategy, the difference that makes the differences in your results. Find role models not only the one’s doing the same as you do, but everywhere there are traits worth mastering that fit with your passion, business and life. Instead of learning by trial and error, let’s find out what the best on the planet spent maybe 20 years to learn, refine and compress decades of thoughts and practice into a recipe.

 Then take action. Don’t wait until you have all the answers. It’s more important to act then to have the right answer. You can always tune your practice as you go.

 There are not many new things invented in the world. New groundbreaking ideas are to 99% unexpected combinations of existing ideas. 

Master the Power of Words

No one has a true picture of the world and what’s happening. We all filter what we see through a lens of our experiences, what we learned from history and our beliefs of what’s right or wrong.

The way we think and process information and what we pay attention to individually is unique based on those filters

In essence, we pay more attention to how someone talks and what emotions they trigger than what they actually are talking about. That’s how politicians get away with what they are saying.

All of us have certain patterns we communicate by in speak and body language and we respond instantly when someone are using the same pattern.

Everything we see, hear and experience has to pass our very own particular filters of Deletion, Distortion and Generalization. These filters creates our very own blueprint of the universe.

Learn your crisis mode

Over the years, there have been moments and periods that I always will remember as they are related to crisis or emergency near me or someone close to me. I have vivid memories of what I did and where I was when John Lennon was murdered outside his home at the Dakota building in New York, now 40 years ago. I remember clearly the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister 1986, I remember 9/11, I remember when my Mom and Dad passed and I remember other significant episodes that happened in my life. Of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will make its mark, but as for all the previous, I believe this is etched to the mind after the fact.

Although experiences like these are nothing you wish anyone to have, they are inevitable. The good thing is that for every experience, you learn about yourself. By understanding how you react in a stressful situation, you can create strategies on how to cope and to be better equipped and stronger for the next time. We all react in different ways, but to be able to help others; it helps to know how to manage you.

The Million dollar questions are “what am I not seeing right now? And “what else can be true?” In a traumatic or stressful situation, we tend to filter information more than normal and the only ones that resonate with our own scripts will stay relevant in our thought process.

I believe that you don’t have to experience the ultimate trauma to obtain self-knowledge. If I had realized the value of this early, I could probably have revisited a childhood experience to find out what my response would be. The good news is that you have an opportunity to learn your pattern and build a strategy that will help you cope with any situation before having to experience one.

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Dennis Larsson

CEO, Moso