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There is a way to unlock the power you already have. Structured questions and different perspectives propels you forward. My name is Bo Goran Peterson and I am a Professional Coach.

I can help. I’m glad that you found me!


a coach doesn’t tell you what to dream, but how to get there

The benefits of using a Coach

Sometimes, you get stuck and the same dialogue keeps looping in your mind. Don’t worry, we all do. This is when a Coach can make a difference!

Coaching targets to empower and muscle up the “power of thought”, which is your most important and valuable tool when dealing with an ever changing environment.

At times, it becomes necessary to re-focus and re-evaluate. Finding out “what am I not seeing” and “what else can be true” opens the mind, expand awareness and help you navigate uncharted waters.

With my background leading large teams, multi national / cultural under normal conditions and during crises and emergency scenarios, I think I have what it takes to make a difference in your life, business or personal.

I’m glad you found me and I’m ready to help you.

Latest logbook entry

Balanserat Ledarskap – Balanced Leadership (Podcast in Swedish only)

A podcast from when all was "normal" back in the days pre-COVID19, together with awesome Anna and Mikael where we discussed a balanced leadership. Unfortunately only in Swedish. En podcast från när allt var "normalt" före COVID19. Kan två olika ledarskapsstilar, den...

Coaching, what it is and what it’s not.

My first Blogpost – numero uno, where I try to explain what coaching is for me. And also some thoughts on Social media and the Pandemic.

Ground Control to Major Tom….

SpacEx rocket Crew Dragon's second stage towed in to NASA's port in Cape Canaveral. Pretty awesome to be able to watch this on a close distance.
 supreme focus, powerful insight

Reach your full potential!

A Coach knows what to do in order to create flow in your thought process. Don’t loose Momentum! Don’t let those disruptive thoughts run on a hamster wheel in your head and waste everything you truly can achieve! It is all about perspective. A Coach can help you see things from different angles which opens up new possibilities and creates new opportunities. It’s about to find out what you are not seeing and what else can be true.

Coaching is craftsmanship that creates results! Even though it is possible to self study and learn powerful tools, it takes long time to master them.

A  Professional Certified Coach has more than 500 hours of hands on experience that continuously sharpens the skills.  Coaching is a structured process, using active listening and powerful questions to guide you toward solutions that creates everlasting change. Coaching  focuses on getting the very best out of what you already know. 

It’s all about Communication.

Communication is more than the words you speak. And no, you cant fake it until you make it. What you communicate is closely linked to your Values and Purpose in life. It’s almost impossible to sound genuine and trustworthy if you try communicate something that goes against your Values and Purpose.

When I left my previous job before joining the Cruise Industry, I promised myself to only work with what I truly enjoyed and if not, to leave and search another path. It was never hard to stay.

During my 18 years in the Cruise and Hospitality industry, I have almost always woke up in the morning with a smile.

When you follow your Purpose based on your Values, you feel that you matter. This is the foundation to inspire others and to make a difference. Keep it real!

What I can offer you

Over the years, I have learned tools and processes that has proven to be helpful and sometimes game changing. I have also learned what not to do and that is as important. It’s ok to fail, but fail forward. You cannot just Google experience. You have to live it. Catalytic Coaching® is a powerful vehicle that can make sense of it all.

Catalytic Coaching® is about helping people finding their own answers to 1) what they want and 2) what needs to happen that makes them achieve what they want. And then to get it Done.

The ecosystem of the mind consists of Values, Purpose, Passion and Goals. The basic human needs determines what to prioritize and shape the experience. I want to share what I’ve learned over the years from my perspective as Captain in the Cruise industry. I do this in Coaching sessions for teams or individuals, in workshops or lectures, as a speaker and soon to come in writing (yeah, there is a book coming someday soon)

The following areas are what I focus on:

The Power of detailed goal setting

We all see the world filtered through our experiences and the beliefs we have developed. There is a saying “whether you think you are gonna fail or succeed, you will be right”. Your mindset is an incredibly powerful force that influences the outcome of all your actions. When you define goals that aligns with your beliefs, it is like every cell in your body works to ensure the goal you’ve set is reached.

To Lead with a Catalytic Coaching® Approach

Leading with a Catalytic Coaching® approach is not coaching but shares the same mindset that takes you further by asking the right questions. Our brain is very much the same as it was millions of years ago and back then, the most important priority was to stay alive and avoid dangers. Because of this, we are spending 5 times more time to focus on problems and dangers rather than on opportunities and solutions, and where focus goes, energy flows.

 A Catalytic Coaching® approach in your leadership makes you ask different questions. Instead of manifesting what you want to avoid or what causes you problems, you learn to ask and focus on how do you want it to be instead and how will it look when you reach the place you desire to reach and what took you there. It sounds perhaps as simple, but our ancient brain defaults us into problems rather than solutions. I promise you this approach makes a big difference for the outcome.

Modeling of Success - the development fast track

Modeling is the idea that success leaves clues. Modeling is also known as the strategy. The difference that makes the differences in your results. Find role models not only the one’s doing the same as you do, but everywhere there are traits worth mastering that fit with your passion, business and life. Instead of learning by trial and error, let’s find out what took the best on earth maybe 20 years to learn and compress decades of thoughts and practice into a recipe.

 Then take action. Don’t wait until you have all the answers. It’s more important to act then to have the right answer. You can always tune your practice as you go.

 There are not many new things invented in the world. New groundbreaking ideas are to 99% unexpected or never tried combinations of existing ideas. 


The Magic use of Words - how to reach anyone

(Words that changes minds)

To lead in crisis. To lead in the unknown.

What am I not seeing? What else can be true?

The benefits of Anchoring a State of mind

Circle of Excellence

My Story

My name is Bo Göran Peterson and I have a Master Unlimited License that allows me to Command the largest size of any ship built.

I am also a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by ICF and a Certified NLP Business Master Practitioner, accredited by INLPTA.

Yes, the Ocean is my passion, but more so, the amazing people working in this special environment. A ship is a living organism, self supported most of the time, an independent unit with its own ecosystem and governing. It is a fascinating world with fantastic people from many nations onboard united as one crew.

To serve as the Captain is an honor and an immense responsibility that is hard to put words on. My first command as a Captain started 1996. In 2017 I was appointed to be the Captain of Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.

Just before the Millennium shift, I worked in Corporate Executive positions for some years and I developed a passion for coaching.  I started university studies in Sports Psychology 2001 to learn powerful tools that I could apply as a leader. In 2016, I took it a step further and enrolled to the Master program for Coaching, Change Management and Neuro Linguistic Programming at Gothia Akademi in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I want to share the experience and knowledge I have collected over the years in communication and leadership in the Hospitality sector for others to build on further.

As the Captain onboard a cruise ship, you are overall responsible for the operation onboard including not only the navigational / safety and technical aspects, but also the entire hospitality operation. A large cruise ship like Oasis of the Seas, is a floating hotel with 2800 staterooms and 1200 crew cabins with a large food and beverage operation, running 16 restaurants and 12 galleys catering for nearly 9000 people 24/7. It is also an entertainment arena that is setting up Broadway quality shows, High diving shows, Ice skating shows, entertainment in 14 bars and pubs around the ship and arranging various activities for guests. Of course there are also HR, Financial operations, a number of shops onboard, a Medical facility with fully equipped ER  and many more things that makes the ship a self sufficient unit traveling the world ensuring 9000 persons in total safely enjoy their time onboard as guests and crew.

With almost 2300 crew-members in your team, you realize very soon that Coaching is an integral part of, and a valuable and versatile leadership tool essential to run the business.

My knowledge and experience can help you on your journey as a leader to know what works and what to avoid.

// Goran



Define your values

find your purpose

set your goals

create momentum

celebrate your wins

You deserve it!

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